Defining Yourself: You Are More Than 12 Words

Hey everybody! I hope if you are reading this that you’re excited about today! I know I am. So in this article I want to address something that is very common in sales/ entrepreneurship today, and that is how you define/ sell yourself. And while I started thinking about this I asked myself, “what defines me”? My mind immediately started filling this with my job, my education, my relationship status…etc.

But are these materialistic and social status’s what really defines me?

I started searching for the answer to this question and I just happened to be watching Grant Cardone’s TV show “Young Hustlers”. People were calling in and Grant was asking them to tell him who they were in 12 words or less. 12 words or less?! Talk about pressure!

But then I started thinking, if I can sum up my existence in 12 words or less, what kind of life am I living? If I can properly define who I am in 12 words I must not be much, am I right?

Now, this is not to bash Grant Cardone because he is seriously one of the reasons I stay inspired daily and I know that he had a purpose for this exercise. But it did get me thinking… is this how we view other people today? We are constantly pitched, whether it be ideas, products, or services we can hardly go a day without someone speaking to us about one of these things. Most times we react by using our RDR’s (thank you Cardone University) or reactionary defense responses. These are our programmed responses that we use when we want to brush someone off. Now, I’m not saying this response is wrong, but I am asking myself the question “when did we become so selfish with our time”? Do we conform to this way of thinking and practice on limiting who we are just so we can quickly pitch someone? Or do we try to change the norm and the way we view other people?

When we think of the great people of our time, I would dare someone to accurately represent them in 12 words or less. I think of Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr, and Mother Teresa. Could their life and passion be conveyed in 12 words or less?Does that mean there is a problem with them or a problem with us? Is there a problem with the way society views others?

So often I hear people talking about being real, but what does that actually mean? I can tell you what it means to me, it means practicing what you preach. It means if you say your purpose is to invest in others, GO OUT AND ACTUALLY DO IT! The experiences we miss out on everyday are incredible to me, simply because we all try to rush through this life like we get some sort of reward if we finish quickly?! People, time is the only thing we can’t replace! If I have free time I am going to spend it learning about others, learning about their lives, their passions, and their why.

I went and had my hair cut yesterday by a woman named Teresa at the Sports Clips in Cabot, Arkansas. In the 30 minutes it took to cut my hair I was able to hear her story, and it was so inspiring! She told me how she came from a difficult childhood and rose out of her circumstances to raise 4 tremendous kids that she beamed with pride talking about. She told me that she began cutting hair 16 years ago because it gave her the freedom to be there for her kids. She probably won’t even remember this conversation but I do. I will remember because I am grateful she chose to open herself up to me! THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! This world is packed full of humans who have incredible stories to tell, even if they haven’t yet discovered their value.

Ever since learning the value of time I can’t help but sit back and reflect on how I want to budget the rest of mine. I know we all have jobs, and for more than 80% of y’all you don’t really like your job. But you can invest in people no matter what do you! You never know the impact you can have on someone by just saying Hi! If they have a nametag, CALL THEM BY THEIR NAME! Take the time to invest in others, because that is the best way time can be spent!

To wrap this up the point I am trying to stress is we need to take a serious look at ourselves and how we interact with others. We need to value other people, and if we budget our time and take time for others we will learn more about them and ourselves. Some of the best moments of my life are times when I just sat in silence listening to someone’s message. I want to encourage you to live in such a way that it is impossible to sum up your life in 12 words, because your life is more than a 12 word sentence.

Much Love,

John Max Bolling




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