Being Authentic: Do You Actually Give A Crap?

WARNING WARNING WARNING!!! this is going to come off as a little “rant-ish” but I feel like it needs to be discussed. Everybody who is in sales…actually I’m just going to go with everybody needs to ask themselves this question in regard to what you are trying to do. “Do you really give a crap?”. I have had a twitter for almost 8 days now (I know, I’m behind), and I have been actively posting on social media for a week.

Already I have been “pitched” by a couple of people to join their MLM, or to buy their latest life hack and I’ve just gotta ask, “What makes you think you have the right to take up my time to sell a product or service before you even find out my needs?” I don’t care if you are selling me a $80k car for $5k, if I don’t need a car, or if I haven’t thought about needing a car, I’m not going to be interested in hearing your offer.

Now, this isn’t to knock anybody who is out there hustling to make a living, but have some decency and professionalism. Stop being lazy and take the necessary steps to success. Now a days everybody wants to make it big but they don’t understand they have to fall in love with the process, not the outcome. No one is just given the reward without first putting in the work.

If you don’t love the process or “grind” as it is referred to now, you have to ask yourself what are you doing it for? Wealth is not a sustainable goal! Wealth is not a passion! Wealth is the bi-product of someone pursuing their passion relentlessly until they become successful! The quickest way to become successful is to figure out what skills or knowledge you possess, and how you can use those skills or that knowledge to help others. If you are in the game for yourself, you might gain a little success, but you will eventually show your hand and your legacy will be tarnished.

Not only do you need to question your motives, but you need to question your commitment!  There is no excuse for automating your processes when you are just starting out in social media or sales, it is just plain lazy! I had a guy on twitter follow me, to which I took 30 seconds out of my day to say thanks, and his reply was “Thanks for following me- via @crowdfire”. Now if I messaged a guy or girl who has 100k followers sure, I would expect an automated response, but this guy had 1,706 followers…are you serious? You might as well save the money you paid crowdfire and pack it in because you are not interested in making connections, your interested in making money! To be successful you have to believe that relationships are more valuable than money.

If you think this is just my opinion let me throw some facts at you bullet point style…

I don’t care what your up line (if you are apart of an MLM), or sales manager is saying in regards to hard closing on the first contact, they are dead wrong. If you approach someone without having a history or any context with them you will be shut down 98% of the time. And with a lot of sales people I see today that is where it stops, and that is why you will not be successful.

Recently IML (I Markets Live) has made an incredible push on social media. I have been hit up by 3 or 4 different people trying to get me to join their team. But only 1 of them actually took the time to find out more about me than my name before they started regurgitating how great their product was. His name is Jason Brown, and I feel like I need to give him prop’s because I truly feel that his heart is in the right place. Although I did not become a member, I feel invested in Jason’s personal brand, because he took the time to invest in me. This is what sales is people, it’s LISTENING way more than you speak, you don’t have to roll in guns blazing to be a good salesmen. The best salesmen are the ones who listen to the needs of the consumer, then deliver with massive action and follow up. Don’t think to highly of yourself that if someone shuts you down you just move on, make it a challenge to win them over. Be creative in how you approach them during the follow up.

And last but not least, actually give a crap about the people you interact with.

Much Love,

John Max Bolling


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