Being Present & What It Means To Have Focus

Good afternoon everybody, and by everybody I mean the 6 people who might read this in the next 6 weeks haha. So I want to share a quick thought today about something I observed this past weekend.

I was at a close family friend’s child’s birthday party and needless to say, it was exciting. Little kids running through the house slamming doors, 2 kids fighting over the same toy, you know the good times. After the birthday girl opened her presents I started listening to the conversations some of the adults were having. Every single conversation was about what they had done yesterday, or what they had left to do today, or next week, or in the next month. Nobody was focused on what was going on right now, which was an adorable 1 year old having more fun with wrapping paper than the present she had just received. This made me audit myself and think, how often do I devote my attention solely to what I am doing now. Not very often…

In business they call this “focus”, and it is a huge factor in whether you will be successful or not. It is said that successful people live in 2 time frames, the present and the future. Successful people very rarely focus on what happened in the past because there is nothing they can do to change it, they would rather focus their energy on what they have at hand. An example of this can be seen when Gary Vee talks about him missing out on investing in Uber at the angel stages of investment. He missed out on a MASSIVE opportunity, but does he get upset and whine about it? No, instead he invested later on and never looked back. That is what success looks like, having that laser focus on what can be done now, to accomplish future goals. The most valuable time we have is right now. What you are doing now in this moment will have a much larger impact on your future than you can imagine. I encourage you to audit yourself daily, find where you succeeded as well as where you came up short. This data will allow you to better yourself everyday!

Now if anyone knows me, they know I follow my planner to the T. I am very strict with my time because I do not want to waste the most valuable resource I have. I write down my future goals at least twice a day. But then I try my best to focus on exactly what I need to get done in the next 5,10,15 min because I know if I focus on what I’m doing now, it will lead me to accomplish my future goals.

Much Love,

John Max Bolling


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