Following Your Vision: Putting The Action In Personal Development

When you hear the term “personal development,” what images conjure up in your mind? Maybe you visualize the infamous firewalk at Tony Robbin’s seminar? Or maybe you envision the great minds such as Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie, and Zig Ziglar.  For a large majority of the population, personal development is sometimes seen as a passive commitment to think about ways to improve, and that’s where the development stops. Let us take a deeper look at the term personal development. “Development” is defined by Merriam-Webster as, ‘the act or process of growing or causing something to grow or become larger or more advanced over a period of time.’

Now, reread that definition, then read it one more time. Personal development is the ACT of growing. It is an ACTION.

This was the key take away from a conversation I had with David McCrae, a personal development trainer who is on a mission to serve everyone he comes into contact with. Our relationship began from a common connection via Facebook. I began to see David’s posts on my timeline and I immediately knew this was someone I needed to follow. David’s focus on the study of positive psychology in University, as well as his qualification in counseling, have led him to become an emerging influencer in the personal development field.

As I began to enter David’s community, it was refreshing to see someone who goes beyond the positive memes and clever ‘one-liners’ that flood our news feeds on a daily basis. David’s material had a certain aura of authenticity, and I believe that comes from the level of transparency he shows in speaking of his personal journey. While attending his last year at University, David had begun working on his after graduation plans. He was set on opening a holistic health and wellness venture with a friend. During this time, David’s father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and he passed away just months after his diagnosis. His father played a pivotal role in David’s passion for psychology, as he cited his first encounters with personal develop trainers being when he would ride in the car with his dad.

With the passing of his father, he was hit with feelings of sorrow, depression, and a longing for the knowledge of how to pick up the pieces and move forward. As you can imagine, when faced with death like that, David was at a crossroad of where to go. I believe it was this moment that drives David’s passion to wake up every day and serve others.

David’s message is a message of love, and he works side by side with many clients to help them on their own journey of pursuing their passions and living their truths.

His  abilities as a trainer are uncommon to see.. His devotion to mastering his craft have allowed him to successfully serve hundreds of clients.

It is our goal to provide you with the key takeaways from this conversation, so here are the key points David made throughout our conversation:

o   Personal development and positive psychology are not only needed throughout a difficult time, but are also needed throughout every stage of life. By applying the study of positive psychology, you are able to flourish and maintain a high level of happiness in your life.

o   Staying committed to your personal growth can be difficult, but with consistency  you will be able to grow over time.

o   You must take an active role in your development. It is not enough to simply consume information; you must be willing to apply it to your life.

o   To remain in a growth state, you must focus on efficiency and effectiveness. When planning out your day, you must always try to focus on meaningful activity.

o   David attributes his success largely to constant learning and setting effective habits. One of the most effective habits he has cultivated is establishing a morning routine in which he is able to focus and center himself on the purpose for the day.

o   You must take time to heal and care for yourself before you will be able to effectively heal and care for others.

Walking away from our conversation, I must say how empowered I felt having spoken with David. He fosters a pure love and care for others, and it is clear that he has the ability to leave a lasting impact on all those who come into contact with his message. I encourage you follow David on social. His content is uplifting, and his ability to speak through the platform and really hit home is incredible.

As I sign off, I want to repeat something that David said multiple times throughout our conversation, and that is, “A day without serving others is a day that is truly wasted.”

It is my belief that through helping others, we are healed in the process.

I sincerely thank you for your time,

John Max Bolling


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